Debt Collection

Norton-Lambrianos Attorneys is one of the leading debt collection companies in South Africa, specialising in the recovery of commercial claims and consumer debt. At any given time, our call centre seats 200 highly trained debt collection agents who are focused on recovering debts both efficiently and ethically.

More than four decades of debt collecting experience has enabled us to streamline our processes in line with our clients’ individual needs. Our debt collectors are skilled in the latest debt recovery processes, software and practices, and use these to devise the most suitable collections strategy for each client.

The Norton-Lambrianos Attorneys debt recovery methodology

As one of the top debt-collection agencies in South Africa, Norton-Lambrianos Attorneys maintains a solid understanding of the latest debt collection techniques and processes which are applied appropriately to every case.

Some of the processes that are built into our debt collecting strategies include:

Outbound telephone campaigns

Bulk email campaigns


Inbound calls – a result of outbound calls and SMS

Mail shots – from our letter library and debt collectors’ requested correspondence


Our call centre specialises in the collection of large volumes of consumer debt on a contingency basis, with up to 200 agents on call at any given time. When initiating the court process is required (driven by our Legal Administration staff of 50 personnel), we appoint a correspondent, where appropriate in every magisterial district in South Africa. We have a correspondent network throughout South Africa with an agreed fee structure in place.

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