We recognize and value the benefits of diversity.


At Norton-Lambrianos we recognize and deeply value the benefits of diversity. We are committed to real and actionable empowerment which will result in the visible and tangible inclusion of previously marginalised people in the mainstream economy.

We are a Company:

  • whose directors, professionals and support employees are representative of the racial, religious, gender and cultural diversity of the people of South Africa;
  • that creates a working environment that is sensitive to the challenges faced by previously marginalised groups such as women and black people, and
  • where all genders at all levels within the firm enjoy equal opportunities and treatment.

In recognition and honour of outstanding leadership, inspiration, vision, and innovation in organisations that help women rise to the top, Norton-Lambrianos has been recognised as one of the foremost top women gender focused firms in the legal industry by the Standard Bank top women awards.

Norton-Lambrianos is a level 3 (three) Empowered Company and has embarked on a massive Leadership Development process which should enable them to be a level 1 (one) within the next financial year.

Top Gender Empowered Company

We have been ranked as one of South Africa’s Top Gender Empowered Companies in our sector. As a Top Gender Empowered Company we have actively created initiatives to celebrate and uplift women and organisations making a contribution to gender empowerment.

YES 4 Youth - Norton Lambrianos Attorneys

Empowered Programs

Youth Empowerment Services Initiative

Norton-Lambrianos Attorneys is proud to have partnered with Government to tackle unemployment.

NLA is proud to be a Youth Employment Services business partner and has sponsored and placed 20 youths in skills-enriching employment. This collaboration seeks to find groundbreaking ways, to reignite the economy and give youth a dignified first chance through innovation and technological best practices.

The YES 12-month quality work experience equips unemployed youth with a toolkit to be a beacon of hope for their families, households, and communities.


Norton-Lambrianos Attorneys has a long history of offering learnership programmes to unemployed youth.

To date, we have helped more than 150 unemployed participants to adequately acquire both practical skills and theoretical knowledge that earn them a SETA-approved NQF-registered qualification, all in an effort to address the gap between the current education and training provided and the needs of the current labour market.

Director in charge of (empowerment) compliance

Bertus Du Plessis - Norton Lambrianos Attorneys

Ms. Bathsheba Kahla (BCom LLB)

Head of Compliance

We have a team of over 300+

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