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    Norton Lambrianos Attorneys

    Debt Collection & Litigation.

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    Norton Lambrianos Attorneys

    We have over 200 highly trained debt collection agents.

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    Norton Lambrianos Attorneys

    Debt collection systems, technology and applications.

    Who we are and what we do

    In 1993 Jeff Norton and Nick Lambrianos merged their respective practices and incorporated the renowned Norton-Lambrianos (S.A) Inc. Their wealth of experience and dedication to excellence serve as the foundation upon which the success and reputation of the company is built.

    Since its inception Norton-Lambrianos Attorneys has remained a leading debt collection law firm . The firm provides exceptional debt collection services across different sectors, with experienced attorneys and account managers positioned to aid our clients with their specific debt collection and litigation needs throughout South Africa.

    Norton Lambrianos delivers results and value to each and every client, whilst ensuring that we leave every debtor’s dignity intact – we strive to be industry leaders who set the benchmark for debt collection practices in South Africa.

    Norton-Lambrianos have been serving South Africa since 1993!

    Our business in numbers

    800 000 Calls per month by Norton Lambrianos Calle Centre

    >800 000

    Calls per month

    Norton SMS service

    >3 000 000

    Sms messages per month

    >200 000

    Consumer record updates per month

    >20 000

    Letters of demand per month

    >600 000

    Emails per month

    >94 000

    Legal documents issued per month

    Debt collection systems, technology and applications

    The firm’s association with the allied information technology company, TECHORA (Pty) Ltd, has enabled the build of our robust systems and infrastructure architecture that equips us to meet all of our clients’ requirements in terms of integration, reporting, strategy and recovery. These integrated systems allow for the seamless flow of data internally, as well as the delivery of necessary data to clients for integration purposes.

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